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Dirt is Good!

Date: October 21, 2015 Author: megawatimanting Categories: Achievment, Education Resources, Events, News


Go play in the dirt it’s good for your health, that’s the famous quote of happy healthy learning. Let the children explore the environment especially the outdoor activities such as playing with the mud, catching fish, planting or else. Friday, October 16, 2015, K2 class had field trip to Pasir Mukti, Citeureup. We divided the children to 3 groups, first group did the caping painting, second group fed the ducks and fish, the third group was harvesting the spinach vegetables. Then we had a short break to enjoy doughnut and a cup of tea, after that we continued to plant the rice and catch fish in the mud. They had a great fun while doing that activities although some of the children chose to wait at the edge of the mud pool. After they finished playing they took shower and had lunch. We ended up the whole activity with a closing prayer. Dirt is good for happy kids.