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Fun Riding with Bajaj

Date: November 23, 2015 Author: megawatimanting Categories: Achievment, Education Resources, Events, News

Vromm….vrommm….what sound is that ? Beepp…Beeep….another strange sound came out, well it’s blue, it’s not big, and it’s moving towards our school. Yeay….shout the children “what are those Miss?” said a child from K1 class and his friend quickly replied “It is bajaj.
Tuesday, 3rd November 2015, we invited Bajaj driver to come to our school. This month we learned about transportation and we chose bajaj cause it’s a lot in our school neighborhood. They were so excited to have a short trip with bajaj. After that we asked the children to tell their experience on riding the Bajaj, and we made a craft “sponge painting” with bajaj template. Vroommm….