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Fun time in Kampoeng Maen Cibubur

Date: May 4, 2012 Author: admin Categories: News

Most educators are familiar with what has become a childhood ritual—the field trip. Taking kids to parks, school camps, nature centers, and other outdoor settings provides an important contribution to the learning process. Researchers have documented the cognitive and affective benefits of field trips, including increased motivation for learning (Kern and Carpenter, 1984), a more positive attitude toward science and environmental concepts (Bitgood, 1989), and the acquisition of knowledge and skills (Mackenzie and White, 1981). Further, field trips can stimulate interest for natural resource-related careers and result in an improved attitude toward the site visited (Knapp, 2000). This fact sheet explains how to maximize learning during the field trip to ensure that children gain its cognitive and affective benefits.


That what we did with K2 students. The school puts more attention on more traditional and physical activities and decided, then, to choose Kampung Maen, located in Cibubur, as the destination for 2012 fieldtrip.
First, to melt down the situation between classes, students were guided to do some ice breaking activities. The ice breaking was intended to created friendliness atmosphere.


The next activities were fun games, team games and individual challenge. Fun games were intended to bring togetherness among students. For the team games, students were trained to cooperate to achieve a goal. This team games could give the students a point of view that sometime cooperation was needed to reach one goal. So, students in their teams were competing to do their best for their team.


The last activity which perhaps was the most interesting activity for the students was “flying fox”. This individual challenge was to stimulate self-independency and gallant. Students were challenged to be able to finish the individual challenge to show their self-independency. Even though some were not able to do it because of various reasons, but most students were happy and enthusiastic with this individual challenge.


Besides those activities there were still other games the children tried at In Kampoeng Maen.


At last, after spending time in various activities, the contingent went back to school. The students said that they did enjoy the fieldtrip and felt that next year this kind of fieldtrip should be carried out again.