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My Lovely Pets

Date: October 21, 2015 Author: megawatimanting Categories: Achievment, Education Resources, Events, News

This October PG class learnt about pets such as dog, turtle, and fish. On the first week, we learnt about dog, we asked the children to brought dog’s doll, pictures, or toys. On Monday October 12th 2015, one of our teachers brought her dogs. Her cute little dog was a yorkshire terrier, so the dog’s body was quite small with thick fur but soft. The children were so excited to fed her, Embul was her name. They were laughed at her barks, playing throw and catch the toy bone. Unfortunately, the second day after her visited we heard a sad news about Embul, she died. We felt sorry about that, we didn’t know the reason why, but the master said that she was old. Embul has brought joy to our class activities and we won’t forget the fun that we spent.
In Memoriam  Embul, 2008 – 2015