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Parenting Seminar and Chat Time

Date: April 15, 2015 Author: megawatimanting Categories: Achievment, Education Resources, Events, News

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Saturday, April 11th 2015 we held parenting seminar and chat time for parents at the assembly hall. The title of the parenting seminar was Independence Kid versus Spoiled Kid. Ms. Widiana as the spoke person shared some of her experiences when she taught kids especially in early age like toddler and kindergarten kids.
During her presentation, she allowed to be interrupted if some parents would like to ask question about her presentation or about else that related to the topic. “It was more interactive! I like this two ways communication” she said. Time moved so fast, until the last minute some parents were still eager to ask questions, however she must finished the seminar and left her email to the parents who are still didn’t have chance to ask.
Next session was “Chat Time” by Ms. Marni as SDK4 vice principle to present the SDK 4 school programs. So many parents asked her about the school programs especially in grade 1, such as the lessons, the extracurricular programs, the bilingual class and many more. We hope all the best for the kids to have the new experience in grade 1 and great relationship between parents and school.