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Date: December 1, 2017 Author: agathadyah Categories: News

Having a lesson theme about Indonesia is very exciting, since there had been lots of fun activities. Indonesia has cultural diversity that children should be aware and be proud of as Indonesians. Children were being introduced to some of Indonesian cultures, such as the traditional food, clothing, songs and dances.


Being grateful and proud to be Indonesian are important values for the children, but the most important is how the children understand to love others who belong to different ethnics and cultures.

The children were very happy to play the role as Balinese, Javanese, Bataknese, Betawinese etc. Traditional Indonesian food were also introduced and been tasted by the children, there were gudeg, sate lilit, arsik, kerak telor and much more.

“I’m proud, I’m an Indonesian child” they said. Thank you God. I am grateful for Indonesia.