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Unforgettable Experience In Kidzania

Date: August 26, 2011 Author: admin Categories: News

On Friday, August 19th 2011, K2 classes of TKK 3 went on field trip to Kidzania. As people know, Kidzania is the place where kids pretend as what they want to be. With their enthusiasm, they played everything they wanted there, such as to be a doctor, racer, firemen, or even actress.
Many unpredictable things occured there, for instance, when some students tried to make ‘Tango’ wafer, one of them unpatiently tried to lick the chocolate he spreaded on that wafer… Seeing it, teacher laughed.

We're very excited on this field trip..... !!!!

We’re very excited on this field trip….. !!!!

Some students who played to be reporters, they didn’t only speak about the topic given, they also sang a song of Justin Bieber…. Spontaneously, people who heard them singing laughed, too.

I can do many things in Kidzania as adults do!!

I can do many things in Kidzania as adults do!!

That day, the students were so happy. They also didn’t feel tired

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on their way back to school. Teachers should make them sleep to keep them healthy. Overall, they were so joyfull !!