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What a Precious Moment! TKK 3 PENABUR Graduation Day

Date: June 10, 2018 Author: agathadyah Categories: Events

TKK 3 PENABUR graduation day was held on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 at 7 am. All teachers, students and parents were joining the program enthusistically.

On the day of graduation, all the children sang  “Andai Aku Tlah Dewasa” and “Terima Kasih Yesus” songs.

Meanwhile Kimberly and Rafael represent their friend to share their experiences of learning journey at TKK 3 PENABUR, and then Daniel sang “Lagu Cinta untuk Mama” song as well.

Addressing parents, Pdt. Suhud from GKI Buaran said, “Educate children to give thanks and worship God.  They are a gift from God. We can not compare our children with others. God has a purpose for every child. Education helps the child to provide the environment so that the child becomes what it is capable of becoming”.

It was an exciting and unforgettable day for not only the little ones but also a proud moment for parents and teachers as they watched the children receive their graduation day. May God bless these little “graduates” as they continue their education in elementary school!

What a precious moment.

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